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Plums plums plums duck eggs duck eggs duck eggs and rhubarb...tons of rhubarb

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Plums plums plums duck eggs duck eggs duck eggs and rhubarb...tons of rhubarb

I love this time of year and want to use this amazing harvest more for baking this year
I freeze, dry, jar jelly, jam, chutney
But have enough to really play this year
And the eggs! Oh my the number of eggs my six ducks and four hens put out! The ducks are like Pez dispensers!
Would anyone like to share ideas and or recipes to stretch the season by making things that freeze well?
I use sourdough, have no other yeast right now, but will get some...I am not exclusive any leavening is fine

I would love to try a yeast/ custard plum kuchen perhaps a wet sweet dough on the bottom, a layer of custard then fan the plums sprinkle with sugar, bake? I have eaten a cake like this but never made one?
Does anyone else garden? I have a half acre filled with all kinds of edibles

Please if you have ideas for putting fresh fruits and great big duck eggs into breads, rolls, yeast cakes ect
That would follow the theme of the forum

Let's share!

I look forward to see what ideas we have!
I share with our local food bank as well

Thanks in advance!

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I like to keep rhubarb butter on hand to use like jam.  It's easy to make and freezes well.  Just cut up some rhubarb, peel and pare some apples, squeeze in some  lemon juice and simmer as you would to make apple sauce.  Tender rhubarb will wholly come apart on its own, tougher may require a little help with the immersion blender.  Taste and add only as much sugar as needed to get the level of tart-sweet you like.  Refrigerate.  Very simple and tasty.

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My neighborhood had a huge bounty of wild plums this year, and I was the only one harvesting.  With your egg and plum overages...I think it's time to make a super eggy brioche dough(or similar) and make a plum stuffed bread, or a plum/cheese braid.  I made plenty of plum pie, Jam, Stuffed breads, and even mead this year.  I just wish my tomatoes would do half as well as the plums did this year.

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Great ideas! I feel fortunate for the bounty but frustrated that work gets in the way of the pleasure and time to turn this into all the wonderful possibilities! Not to mention my brain is on complete overload so my creative side is lacking ...I really appreciate the imput!
How do I stuff a bread with fruit? It is probably obvious but I really do not know? I am a fairly straight forward baker and make good bread but it is always pretty basic
Brioche is so delicious I think that will be on for this weekend, dumb question
Can you freeze brioche dough? If so please for how long?

Now for the butter! What a great idea! I make pear and apple but rhubarb! I love it because I toss it in a crockpot and it is super easy...not to mention the fragrance! I will make butter thank you!
I also wondered if anyone has infused fruit flavors into bread dough? I am going to steam juice a portion of the fruit for beautiful jellies.. could I use it in a bread or would the acid disrupt the leavening?
I can not even imagine how it would taste?
I am going to make plum wine ...I make a really nice almond infused high proof almost brandy ...we lovingly refer to as our "winter tonic"

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I believe it’s a Germany cake. The lady who gave the recipe to me, her family was definitely of Germany/Bohemian heritage from El Campo Texas. I still like her Kolache’s better though. You might also check I understand that there are also recipes for yeast Zwetschgenkuchenon on the net. But I believe this might be the original way it was prepared..



2 C              flour

½ Stick        butter

1/2 C          sugar

1                  egg

1 tsp.          baking powder

pinch of salt


Mix all ingredients and knead

Allow the dough to rest

Roll out and line greased cake tin with it. Spring form works. Cover sides of it, too.



2 lbs            Ripe purple plums

3/4 C          sugar

1 tsp.          cinnamon mixed in

1/2C           chopped almonds


Pit the ripe plums, or drain well if canned. It large plums slice, if not leave whole

Arrange in circle on dough, overlapping.

Make wide criss-cross pattern with left-over dough on top of plums.

Sprinkle with sugar mixture and almonds.

Bake in fairly hot oven (375 degrees) for about 30 minutes. Dough should be light golden brown, plums should bubble (releasing all that sweet juice.

Cool before serving.

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That sound perfect thank you I do no see the yeast in the dough or the custard but I can add it because that looks exactly like where I need to start on this cake! Thanks Foamheart

I am having a complete melt down at having to process tha amount of fruits and veg in my garden right now! It is usually 1-3 things at a time ripening at a time from spring to early winter
This year the weather and my timing sucked!

Can you freeze raw bioche dough? I guess I could do a sear, just wondered what folks success rate was

Thanks again I will just dive in with my usual lack of planning

When I retire I will have some Oder I hope!

Thanks again

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As to freezing brioche, it seems to be a disscussion. I assume its because they vary as to your paticular recipe. Also how long you freeze it. Is it just dough or end product, what stage is it frozen. Freezer type. etc etc. I would suggest that you try it and see what you consider your own results to be.  Also with all that butter, it would absorb any random smells floating around if not packaged well.

I have made cinnamin rolls and King cakes with a brioche dough, frozen before the second rise, and used a month later the cinnamin rolls faired fine, but the King cakes didn't like it, <shrugs> No idea why the difference.

That is the best I can offer because it is all I have personally done.

Good luck!

PS :: You might want to try the search function, try "Freeze Brioche" and see what knowledge you can get there. There are some really smart bakers here. I am but a seedling in a forrest of great bakers.

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Thank you I will just go for it make and freeze a batch
This is what I am getting from a very small flock of ducks and chickens!
I find duck eggs magnificent for baking