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Milk Bread

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Milk Bread

Can anyone out there in breadland help me with a good reliable recipe for a white bread using milk in place of water.   I used to make such a bread some 20 odd years ago, which used fresh yeast.  I have always baked with fresh yeast, but availability is often a problem.  I always use fresh for my brioche, but instant yeast would probably be OK for bread? I am happy to use either fresh or dried milk powder. If possible, please no bakers math! Would rather run through barbed wire!

Thx heaps.

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You can pretty much swap out milk for the amount of water you've used in the past.  Milk has some solids, but the practical impact on your recipe will be nil.  Remember to heat the milk to 190 degrees F to denature it, and then cool before mixing your final dough.

Sorry, all my recipes are in baker's percent, and I'd hate to see you all cut up from running through barbed wire:-)

Instant yeast is fine.  Use 1/3 the amount you'd use if using fresh.


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Thx for your help.  Thankfully, the barbed wire is packed away for a while!  Really must try to get my head around bakers math, altho I think it would be easier to learn Russian in one short week!  I AM good at learning languages tho.

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Home Baker

Many, many versions and discussions in the archives, click here or type "milk bread" in the search box.