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miche à l’épeautre - an attempt to make things more sour

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miche à l’épeautre - an attempt to make things more sour

I've been trying to achieve more sourness into my sourdough breads because while I did create nice and airy crumbs, I did fail at effectively making it taste tangy. I know a lot of people don't like it that way (my girlfriend for example, haha) but since I've baked a rye bread I don't want to go back. I've tried 2 different miche recipes so far (Hamelman & Reinhart) and now that I have the "local breads" book, I tought it would be a nice opportunity for me to learn some more!

I did these things differently:

  1. Use a rye starter instead of a white levain, but I did convert it into a rather stiff one
  2. Bulk ferment a lot longer (4 hours) with 3x stretch&folding at room temp, 23-24°C 
  3. retard for 12 hours at 5°C in the fridge. 
  4. Knead a bit longer than usual (I always knead using french fold)

With the longer kneading, I wanted to achieve a more evenly spread hole crumb structure as seen in most "miches". I've bought one at "le pain quotidien" here in Belgium (difficult to find sourdough here...) and it looks more or less the same, except mine is better! hah!

The flour I've used is simply amazing, it's locally stone-ground organic very fine wholewheat (yes indeed, no stupid T85). The final build consists of 400gr wholewheat and 100gr spelt flour (white). I wish you could smell and taste it, I'm so happy with it!

  • The crumb I was aiming at has been realized
  • The taste I was aiming at has been realized (I did not expect this, as I tried other things to get a "tang")
  • The boule held it's shape well and was baked cold - I'm upping the scales next time!

To see more pictures and the whole recipe, check out


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great holes for so much whole wheat,  Glad you got your sour too.  Want more sour.  Build a rye sour levain with some onions and then retard it for 12-18 hours too before you use.  That will make yuou pucker :-)

Very, very nice baking.

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Nice job.  Good looking crust and crumb and sour to boot.