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Having Trouble with Your Magic Mill Dlx Assistent? This video was awesome!

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Having Trouble with Your Magic Mill Dlx Assistent? This video was awesome!

I was reading a few posts here about problems and frustrations with the Magic Mill Dlx Assistent.  When I first bought mine two years ago, I tried using it several times and was sorely disappointed in how it worked for me.  Dough crawling out of the bowl, the dough never seeming to really come together.  Didn't seem possible to do large batches of dough, etc..

I found this video which really explained EVERYTHING in wonderfully, easy detail.  If you are having problems figuring out the in's and out's of your Magic Mill Assistent, I highly recommend you take 14 minutes and watch this very informative video -  I promise, you'll fall in love with your Magic Mill and have no regrets about purchasing one!

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I've watched Ashley's video over and over (and over), even taking notes. As you said, it is extremely helpful. It takes some of the mystery out of achieving the "donut" shape ideal for kneading in the Assistent/DLX. In another video on the site (during which she demonstrates multiple products, including the DLX), she puts in a little too much flour and the dough balls up too quickly. She simply adds a tiny bit of water and everything rights itself.

Another video that amazes me is Doc.Dough's on making bagels at 55% hydration with the roller and scraper. It's here: Talk about mastering the DLX -- wow.

I do wish the manual included more technique. It's nice to know how the machine and its various attachments fit together, but for those of us who grew up with KitchenAids and Sunbeams, the knowledge of how to use the Assistent is not inherent. Seeing it work is SO helpful -- and that's why Ashley's and Doc.Dough's videos are such a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

- Marguerite

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Thank you for sharing.. I really enjoyed watching that video. 

I am convinced the thing that kept stumping me on my Assistent was the expectation of what is normal.  In a kitchen aid, I get the dough ball, using the roller in the Assistent, you never really get that dough ball.. or if you do, your dough is not hydrated enough.  Of course, if it is 55% hydration as in bagels, then the rules would obviously change somewhat.

Best advice to new DLX owners is, throw all previous expectations aside.. cuz this machine will surprise you.  I love mine now.. I couldn't live without it.  Oh, and there is NOTHING quite like that whipping attachment either.  Seriously, by the time I put in my cream and dig some sugar out of the pantry, I go back and find it nearly whipped.. it's just a few minutes and it's done.  LOVE IT!

Thanks for sharing.. I don't know if you have ever seen this video from Electrolux, but it does give you some idea of the range of these machines.  Well worth watching.

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I have never really used my dough hook, do you?  Not sure why, but I've found the roller attachment to be perfectly suited for bread making.

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Funny thing about the dough hook. The first time I tried it it became my new favorite tool. I find that at hydration above 60%, the hook works perfectly well with much less fuss.