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Hi, Newbie here

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Hi, Newbie here

Hi I'm aspiring  baker or should we say interested in baking. :D

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Welcome, yrsalindholm, to our hearty bunch!

I have been a baking hobbyist for over 40 years and say what I'm about to say having made my fair share of mistakes which I hope to help you avoid.

I strongly suggest that to become the best baker you can be in the shortest period of time will still take a while.  To shorten the time find a mentor with lots of experience.   For my money, if you don't have one locally, find a text book of bread baking written by a recognized expert. [I mean text book, not a bread cook book.  There are lots of those, but they won't serve your needs as well as a thorough text.]  I recommend DiMuzio's Bread Baking but there are others.  Do not get a great big fat text; it's bound to have more than you can handle at first.  Check our Hamelman's Bread  for example.  You might find it at your local library.  What I like about the DiMuzio text is that it's well written, thorough enough to begin with, and full of exercises for the newbie such as yourself.  If you bake your way through the exercises you will become more knowledgeable than most and so someone who can tell who's a beginner and who's been around for a while.  You'll also have a great foundation on which to build.  The DiMuzio text is cheap and can be purchased used at Alibris or Powells books sometimes.

As much as it's important to be learning from an expert, it's possibly equally important to have the support of the Fresh Loaf gang.  We love to have contact with fellow bakers and to take a stab at being helpful.  Remember, though, that until you've learned a lot from your chosen text, you should consult it for answers to your questions, comparing them to what your TFL  responders say.

As soon as you can, watch all the videos that you can find about bread baking.  Start with the Video link at the top of this page.  You may find some of them confusing at first, but once you've seen them, you'll have a clue of what's there so that you can go back to them when you need to.

Oh yes, practice, practice, practice.  And have fun.




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Welcome mate. If you have any questions feel free to ask.