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The journey of bread - cleanliness in baking.

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The journey of bread - cleanliness in baking.

The journey of bread


My friends the "lovely bakers" did impart to me the need for cleanliness in baking. This is not to say just wash your hands, in fact there are some areas that have to be absolutely scrupulously clean. Its as much about understanding how to treat various parts of baking - simplistically there are some areas to scrub and other areas to handle differently. For example my bannetons are cotton lined and I watch them carefully for fungal growths - if too stained the cotton gets a wash in boiling water without detergent then dried on the line and then placed in the airing cupboard. If after proofing a loaf the liner looks ok I just bang the excess flour off and dry in the airing cupboard. The difference is the sourdough storage vessel (a 1litre save and store container from LAKELAND) is scrubbed and squeegeed within an inch of its life. So the guide I got was the following:

Anything with dry flour is better left to dry unwashed

Anything with wet flour must be extremely clean and dry before use.

Baking tins and metallic items are best washed and rinsed then dried in the oven.

All spatulas and tools need to be exceptionally clean and dry.

Yeast is best double wrapped airtight in Clingfilm and fridged - test it before use to check for potency.

This is by no way a complete list its just what I can think of right now as I need to inform my protégé, who now has some of my starter to care for.   


Hopefully some of you may have more tips for fellow bakers.


The soup and bread supper last night was well received - they only go quiet when they are eating.


Happy baking - the baking bear.