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Newbie from Wisconsin

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Newbie from Wisconsin

Happy Friday to All!!

My name is Mindy and I live in WI.  Not a major breadbaker more of a novice.  The kids have finally all flow the coop so it is just myself and my two furbabies at home.  Decided that I would start making bread again for myself.  I just have a little West Bend machine but it suits me just fine as a 1-1/2 pd loaf is the perfect size.  Hoping to get some good ideas for other breads from the group so that I can branch out a little bit.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and trying to keep cool wherever you are.





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Sorry then kids are gone but glad you have decided to make bread with your two furry apprentices!   I only have one.  You have come to the right place.  Many bakers here use bread machines and they will help you greatly.  Use the search box too for any and all questions you have.

Happy baking!

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I just wrote a note to another newbie.  I offered some advice you might want to use.  Basically, I suggest that you learn to bake from a bread text book for beginners.  Texts are not bread cookbooks; they're specifically intended to teach you from the bottom up.  The one I recommended is pretty cheap and can often be found used at Alibris or Powells Books.

Good luck! 


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Welcome! Great site for a all things bread and then some! Where in Wisconsin? North-south-east-west?