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Finally cracked sourdough!

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Finally cracked sourdough!

Well I’ve finally achieved it, after numerous attempts to get a good starter going, and varied success at baking a beautiful sourdough loaf, with them being either too sour, or not rising. I can finally reveal a Sourdough loaf that I’m over the moon with.   I was given a great sourdough starter by J.B. at The Railway at Honiton, who assured me it was lively and had great taste….   I set about making some bread with it, using the River Cottage Sourdough Bread recipe, knowing that  the best way to achieve a great loaf was slowly, I knew this would work for me. I replaced 100g of the white flour with an equal amount of light rye, to add a further rustic slant and also increased the amount of water, as I like higher hydration doughs. I allowed it to prove during the day, and then shaped and let it rise for a second time on a flour dusted linen couche.


I popped it into a blazing hot oven for 15 minutes and then turned the temperature down as in the recipe. I allowed the bread to cool before tasting the result, we slathered the slices with creamy yellow devon butter, heaven.

Cheers Marcus


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Congratulations! Getting the hang of sourdough is such a rewarding experience. Knowing that you made bread simply using the wild yeast present in the flour and air is something to marvel at. You loaf looks quite delicious. As does your whole blog. The seafood especially had my mouth watering.

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed my blog :)

Planning on making some sourdough pizza over the weekend.



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another blog that  says light rye isn't good for making bread.  When I read it  I thought, that would be like saying white flour isn't any good at making bread.  Glad to see you put that myth to bed!

Nice baking and congratulations on your SD success - the first of many.


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Thank you, I love bread with a proportion of light rye flour, not used it by itself, but it adds a lovely rustic taste and texture to white loaves