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Nothing fancy, it's only a never fail basic white recipe I need

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Nothing fancy, it's only a never fail basic white recipe I need

I have a yearning for a  breadmachine  basic white sandwich bread recipe that will rise so high that it'll will crack the window in my Cuisinart CBK 200 bread maker. I've been producing  pitiful loaves of bread that cave in on top half way down in my 5.5" deep bread pan. The recipe I'm soliciting must be in the 3 cups of flour range. Once I get a proven recipe, then I can get into which of the variables is causing the problem, or problems. I checked my yeast this morning, I was really impressed how it tripled in 12 minutes. I know my flour is good, the milk or water I use is okay, but my salt from .75 to 2.25 teaspoons may need adjusting. I've tried everything from 2 teaspoons to 3 tablespoons of sugar which also failed to provide much of a thrill. Crisco, butter, margarine, vegetable oil and no fat at all have been equally acceptable for taste and zero world shaking for height. 


Please, no theoretical stuff with cockamamie speculations, I need a never fail, tried and true recipe. I'm dying to see a dome on my bread in the shape of the rotunda in Washington, D.C.. My sister-in-law's opinion is that men who bake bread need to see a psychiatrist.

That's not the kind of help  I'm soliciting.

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My friends wife made a loaf with the recipe below. I have very typical disdain for bread from a breadmaker, but it was very high, yeasty and good actually.

1 generous cup of water
3 table spoons butter
3 1/3 cups flower
1 table spoon sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp yeast

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I use a simple recipe such as this....comes out FANTASTIC!!


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marine dad

I am new to bread makeing i have a 1.5 to 2# bread machine looking for a easy but great recipe the bread maker has express bake option on it also i thought i wood start small and work my way to a good french dip sub bun this recipe looks like it don't have much to it do you just put it in the maker and bake it or is there more to it thanks.

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SHAME on your sister! She should be happy her brother is interested in more than just the "In the box GUY stuff" as some would call it! I found an excellent recipe on that can be made into either a Whole Wheat recipe or white. A thought....the recipe I use alot has 1.5 tsp of salt to about 3 Tbs of honey....could you have too much salt? Salt kills yeast. I also put my salt, sugar (or honey) as well as butter (I am Southern and LOVE Buttah) an egg and anything else I am using to flavor like spices, in the wet stuff.  I also make sure my milk or water (I prefer milk...better texture) is warm...not hot enough to cook the egg, but warm enough to melt the butter and start to reconstitute the spices and dried fruit if I am using it. I will put the recipe for the bread that is my FAVORITE loaf below! Also, go to Ebay and find yourself some bread cookbooks by Donna Rathmell German. They are an INCREDIBLE source of information AND recipes! I have a Zojirushi now and it is my 6th machine! I LOVE bread machines!! So...let me know if I can be of further assistance and please let me know how your bread turns out!!



White Sandwich Bread

7/8 to 1 1/8 C warm water or milk                                         1/2 Cup Potato flakes

6 Tbsp soft butter                                                                       3 Cups bread or AP flour

3 Tbsp sugar or honey                                                                2 1/2 tsp yeast

1 1/4 tsp salt                                                                                  4 tsp Vital Wheat Gluten (optional)

1/4 Cup nonfat dry milk

I usually put all my wet stuff in first then the dry with the yeast absolutely last in a little well I make in the flour. I usually let the machine mix up the dough, then I form it into a loaf, put it in the pan, and let it rise and then bake it in the oven. But I have been in a camper for the last 2 years (sold the house in Fla and have been traveling and banking money for a farm) so since the camper oven is so tiny, I let it bake in the machine. I also use this recipe to make hamburger buns, hot dog buns and dinner rolls. I sometimes substiture a cup of whole wheat flour for one of the cups of white. I also add about 3 Tbsp of Quinoa flour to get that awesome nutty taste as well as more protien. I hope this helps!




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Frequent Flyer

"My sister-in-law's opinion is that men who bake bread need to see a psychiatrist."

Well, I know one man who bakes bread that has seen a physchiatrist.  :)

See this thread on collapsing loaves in a bread machine.  My guess is that the cycle used or the yeast amount or type is a problem.

Are you using instant yeast?  What one of the recipes you've used without success?  What cycle was used?


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Which flower are you using?  Roses, Lillys or Tulips, or would that be flour?

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Roses, LILIES or Tulips.....I am SURE what is meant is FLOUR....luckily for us ALL, spelling is optional on here!

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All at Sea

... when you say: spelling is optional on here! I'd say not so. It's not optional but absolutely mandatory, since no word can be typed with half a chance of anyone understanding it, without some attempt at speling - er - speeling - darn it - speelling - ah, bugger it  ... arranging letters.

All at Sea

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"Roses, Lillys or Tulips, or would that be flour?"

should be

"Roses, Lilies, or Tulips, or would that be flour?"

or perhaps even better

"Roses, lilies, or tulips? Unless by chance you mean flour."

Something involving those who live in glass houses and how they interact with stones.

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Mini Oven

capitalized.  Roses,  White Lily, and  White Tulip flour, have all been used as brand names associated with AP, however, there is in Japan a tulip flower flour.  I remember using some water lily flour too!   Wonder what flower flour would do to bread...   :)

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Where do we draw the line, though?

Every single word in the English language can, at times, be capitalized! Many can even have every letter capitalized when used as acronyms.


Personally I prefer my flowers lightly floured then fried after filling them with seasoned cheese. Fried floured flowers.

Or in salads, or candied, or...

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Mini Oven

I think it could be interesting.  If I had the shape, I'd do it.  Thanks G-man!  How could I forget my favorite garden edibles.  I would take the blossoms and fill with bread dough and stack them loosely into a form to bake.  A little dough under and a little dough over and see what turns out.  Some of that cheese might be good too scattered about in and around the flowers.  Oh, I think I found the shape...   From the artist point of view, a bread machine shaped loaf made with a crumb that would be impossible for a bread machine to make would be the "uh, what?" mind boggling part of the presentation.  Would it be impossible?  With a short pause to reshape the dough, it could very well be possible.  

I personally think the yeast amount in the poster's query is probably too high and so it rises too fast and falls before the loaf is baked.  Fast & furious...  I would like to see a recipe that "breaks the glass."  Lol!   Might have to include a plastic more powerful leveling leavening agent.   

Meanwhile as the dough is rising...  

Promoting my little sister's first book of light plaid romance (LINK)


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Bit of a pity that an international forum didn't have the willingness to just see through a simple mistake, made potentially by a non-native English speaker.

You may come here for the spelling but I come for the bread.

Hope the OP gets his mighty roof cracking loaf and enjoys it.

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I TOTALLY agree with you Stuart! The point on this forum is BREAD....not spelling! This is an international site with international members and the last thing they should be worried about is getting spelling mistakes in a language that is not their own, pointed out! It is embarrassing and MAY cause members to hesitate to share....we may ALL miss out because of someones need to throw stones! Come on yall....(YES I am Southern)....lets focus on what is important! The Bread! Oh and I would LOVE to see recipes for flowers filled with cheese...I have never had that!

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If I were ever marooned on a dessert island with another survivor of a shipwreck, I'd want him to be bread baking guy — they're a different breed.  However, even if the other one were a 180 lb. cross-eyed woman, it would still be a winning deal for me — unless, of course, she were ugly. 


I need to confess right now, I created a tempest in a teapot with my first post — you'll never believe what happened. I was three sheets to the wind at a neighborhood party and met a half crocked lawyer who turned out to be a nutcase bread baker. I was astonished at his breadth of knowledge. He has apparently baked every loaf known to man or beast around the world. The bottom line is it took him two seconds to solve my problem after I tediously related to him how I baked bread.


The weather was hot, my kitchen was hot, and my flour was hot. Simple minded as I am, I heated the water in my recipe to 100° because I believed I was giving my yeast a thrill. I was told to relinquish my ignorance and use good sense. His good sense was: use water from your fridge, throw in 1 tablespoon of vinegar and a nickel's worth ground ginger — or buy your bread at Walmart.


I tell you the gospel truth, my first loaf was 6 inches high (a half inch higher than the pan). If it wasn't the world's greatest loaf of bread I ever tasted,it was surely the highest. The inside seemed sort of gummy, and the crust separated from the top, it was a coarse loaf of bread. Nevertheless, I'm happy as a lark. 


I did some research and urgently recommend you eyeball:   and


And guys, if you think "flower" failed to qualify as a PH.d dissertation word, you ought to see some of my beauts. Please lighten up, we're in this for a few laffs  and a sweater esperience with bread doh.  

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Mini Oven

than you gave us.  Goes to show you that the more info you "tediously relate," the better.

And what if that ugly woman you get stranded with made great bread?  If I were she, I would bake a brick to throw at you!  

Glad you got your bread...  :)

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Ya know...this is the MAIN reason we are ALL here....we share pur triumphs and our failures...and mine have been MANY, but we are here for each other...all of us interested in helping each other with bread....I LOVE this site and recommend it to EVERYONE!! Even family in the Middle East! Regardless of our languages, ethnicities or whatever...we are all interested in this one main thing...and if you think about alot of cultures, it is symbolic to "break bread" with someone whether in his/her home or not...the point is FOOD brings us all together. It is a common denominator....whether it is fancy or just plain basic white. I LOVE this forum and am SO grateful to know that there is ALWAYS someone watching (reading) to catch me when I fall or fail! Yall are wonderful and have been SO helpful to me in making better bread! Now here is a question....I have a friend at work who sells a TON of her home made bread and rolls....they are very soft, somewhat sweet and have a very open crumb. I told her I love to bake bread so she brought me some of her starter if I would PROMISE not to be competition! The funny thing about feed her starter, it takes the following.......1 cup water, 3/4 cup of Sugar and 3 Tablespoons of Potatoe flakes...NO FLOUR!! I have NEVER seen this....I took a little of it and made a starter and it is awesome!! But I still feel the need to feed it. What do yall think??????


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Mini Oven

in a relationship with bacteria, some amount of water or liquid, and for food: carbohydrates.   There are all kinds of carbohydrates around.   :)

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Buttery White Bread for Bread Machine

This is a delicious, buttery white bread that is
great for sandwiches, toast or just plain with butter.

This has the lightness and texture of Wonder Bread but
with a nice buttery flavor. It rises almost to touch the window inside the bread machine.

I adapted this recipe from a King Arthur Flour recipe for buttery sourdough buns. I substituted the yogurt for the sourdough starter. It's just for flavor, because the recipe also uses regular yeast. The yogurt makes for a more tender crumb when used in baking, same as buttermilk.

2/3 cup lukewarm water
1 large egg
1 tablespooon granulated sugar
1 1/4 teaspoons table salt
5 tablespoons soft butter (I used butter flavor Crisco)
1/2 cup plain yogurt
3 1/4 cups Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
2 1/2 teaspoons (or 1 packet) bread machine or instant yeast

Add ingredients to bread machine in order listed or
according to your bread machine mfg's directions.

Settings: White Bread, 1 1/2 lb loaf, Medium Crust.

Press Start.

Makes One, 1 1/2 lb loaf.

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A man's psychiatrist, that is if he has one,  would do well to learn how tu bake bread. Unless he's crazy :-))