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Snyder Bakers: The Next Generation

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Snyder Bakers: The Next Generation

I just had to share: Brother Glenn teaching granddaughter, Naomi, to shape bagels.



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I think both Glenn and Naomi shape bagels better then me and my apprentice!

Your pictures show some real baking into the future........

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I'm the one without feathers in my hair.

Naomi shows great potential.  Her deft tiny hands could make perfect miniature pastries.

Now I know how Karsh's bakery made those mini-bagels--they had a crew of six-year-old expert bagel-shapers!

Thanks for the photos, David.


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If a picture is worth a thousand words then what you have here is 4000 words minimum......and what a wonderful story they tell.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

None of this "poke a hole and stretch" nonsense.

Next up: (a) gravlax and (b) Neufchâtel (or just regular ol' cream) cheese.

Both very easy.

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How lovely to see one generation learning from another.  That's wonderful for memories, as well as for skills.


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Such sweet pictures, and in the first, your granddaughter looks like she really wants to get in there and try some shaping :^)
Looks like a fun thing to teach a little one!
:^) breadsong

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Naomi asked to be taught to make bagels. When she decides she wants to learn something, she catches on really fast.

Naomi and her little sister will be staying with us for a couple weeks while their parents are attending a meeting in Greece. We'll see if they want to help make pizza, more bagels, maybe challah. I can't wait!


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Hi David,
I hope you and your grandkids have a great time, making all of those goodies!
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...of the Ft Bragg Institute of Advanced Bread and Pastry.  Great to see.  What memories are made of.  Make sure to print those out.  By the time she wants to show them to her grandchildren, TIFF, JPG and PNG will be gone the way of the 8-Track.

Good to see you posting.  Scarce lately.  Hope you've been well, and baking.