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Must improve! Advice needed!

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Must improve! Advice needed!

I work in a kitchen and one of my responsibility are to maintain the house bread (bread to be served to customers). i've been quite happy how i've been treating the starter and rolling out baguettes daily but i'm kinda concerned with how the starters been treated and how all the loafs are turning out .it has been abused quite a buit. not me personally but in the past and i'm not sure how it was dealt with then. the starter itself is about 9 years old now. the recipe we've been using seems legit but idk if its completely fine or not. here are the directions to how i feed the starter and and proofing.

2 pounds from starter

2 pounds of gluten free flour

5 tbsp of dry active yeast

stir in massive mixer for 5 mins and let sit for 45 mins or so

add 3.57 of gluten free flour and 5 tbsp of salt

let proof overnight

starter feed

3 cups of gluten free flour

1tbsp of yeast

1tbsp of sugar

3 cups of Luke warm water

rolled out onto bread trays

egg wash the tops

salt and sesame seeds

into the oven at 375 for about 30 mins

please help me if anythings wrong! i have a lot of interest in it and i am pursuing into a culinary career this fall. this might be something id like to do in the future and id love to be able to expand my knowledge in the world of bread!

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Or is it high gluten or bread flour. I don't see how you can make bread from your formula--unless your gluten free flour is actually a gluten free flour mix.

Do you know about the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Their membership is made up of professional bakers and independent bakery owners, serious amateurs and other baking professionals. In addition to all the services and classes that they offer, they run a message board for its members where you can post your questions and get help from experienced bakers on questions like the above.

I also suggest that you investigate the baking class offerings at your local community college. Many of them have good culinary programs and it would be a good way to establish a basic knowledge base that you can build upon with professional experience.

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its high gluten flour im sorry for the confusion. and that sounds pretty awesome ill have to check that group out.

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I'm interested to know what you mean by the starter having been "abused." Essentially the starter gets rebuilt regularly, so any "abuse" that I can think of would be gone in a short time.

Also, what exactly is the problem with your loaves? You say you are concerned about how they are turning out, but you give no specifics.

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i shoulda been been more specific sorry i was in a hurry writing this. the only concern i did have with the starter was that in the past it hasnt been given the right feeding directions in the past like no sugar was added or water. i guess thats the only abuse but if it rebuilds regularly then nvm that hehe. another thing is that we store the starter in a cooler thats at 4o degrees. ive been told its ok for it but idk i asked my chefs and they had now idea. i just wanted to make sure im maintaining it right. and the bread loaves do turn out pretty good but i feel like they could be better. with the loaves too im not sure if they are being rolled out correctly. they seem to be fine but im nto sure if there is a certain way to roll them out. i knead the bread into a rectangle wit a rolling pin. roll up the bread into a cylindrical shape. stuff in the ends. let proof for about 20 to 30 mins, i do put slits on top of the bread after its proofed. i guess they turn out fine like ive said but i feel like is missing something...