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Is your dough overproofed? No fear, oven spring will save you

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Is your dough overproofed? No fear, oven spring will save you

I just wanted to share a lot of mistakes I made during another batch of "my daily bread". 

Actually, I made three mistakes:

  1. not enough tension (bad shaping)
  2. too deep and no angle @ scoring
  3. overproofing

You can see the whole process and a bunch of pictures @

I'll spare you the details and show you the horrible pictures instead :-)

These were the proofed loaves. Looked good, right? Now let's take them out of the proofing basket... Urgh. 

Whoops. They flattened like pancakes. I always panic a lot then, but after 15-20 minutes into a hot oven (250°C), they simply *pop* and the oven spring magic has occured:

Yay! Sorry for the bad pictures, I was not able to take one without a part of me reflecting in the glass.

After removing them from the oven, cooling down and slicing:

YESS! They still turned out to be great

If you're interested in the recipe I used, check out my previous blog entry (it's the 65% wholegrain "my daily bread" thing). I just wanted to share with you guys that if you overproofed your loaves (I constantly do this, hehe), no reason to panick. Provided you did use a fair amount of hydratation and you're baking a wheat-based bread (gluten) of course. 

Carry on!


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Frequent Flyer

...with 2 over-proofed sourdough loaves.  Thank goodness for oven spring.