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New Bakery In Leeds, UK

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New Bakery In Leeds, UK


We are in the process of setting up a community supported bakery in Leeds, UK and are trying to gauge the amount of local interest for such a venture.

We have a short survey on our website that we're using to gather information about whether people would like to be able to buy real bread locally.

If you live in Leeds (or know anyone who does) and would like to let us know that you want to buy real bread then please visit


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I am doing something similar here. I am only baking at weekends. Orders are word of mouth I  make at most 2 types of loaves and a few rolls (my skills being limited as self taught) But people really like proper fresh bread made in small batches I guess with advertising this would grow. I am sure if you put samples out there you'd get a terriffic response. I am happy ploding along make a few dozen loaves.

Good luck with your venture