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And now for something completely different ...

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And now for something completely different ...

I have trialled storing George (of the Jungle) in a number of different ways. Good thing George adores me ... 'cause some of the ways, he didn't like so much (but he's vigorous enough, that he flatly refused to die).

So, sourdough George has been stored ...

1/ As a wet sourdough starter (thick pancake texture).

This method takes lots of feeding, as seems to work best at a warmish temperature (faster, warmer, wetter)

2/ As a dry sourdough starter (a dry mix, then embedded in flour)

This method takes far less feeding, lasts a long time in lower temperatures, but is prone to mould if the surface isn't perfectly covered with flour.

3/ My current (and George's) favourite storage ...slightly wet mix, with a layer of dry flour over the top.

This ... works! If I neglect George, he gets to chew at the layer of food, the outside air is there, but doesn't have direct access to George, and it's altogether too dry for mould. Perfect!

So, after a series of tests, my sourdough (I almost feel rude, not calling him by name) lasts best as a slightly thicker than pancake mix, in a tall sided (clean) jar, with an overlay of dry flour (a dump, not a sprinkles worth) ... information for people who don't take perfect care of their jungle beasties ;)

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I just moved Penelope to an 8QT food prep container as I'm about to really ramp up my baking experiments. Prior to that she was being housed in an exponentially increasing number of solo cups.  They were actually great for portion maintenance but quickly overran my counterspace.  I try to keep her at a guesstimated 70% hydration, which has worked well for me.