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High Hydration French Bread - Had in Normandy

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High Hydration French Bread - Had in Normandy

Hi Guys!

I'm in one of those really frustrating mindsets where I cannot remember something. On a recent cycling holiday to Normandy, on several occasions we had a very high hydration, folded over, unscored bread, perhaps containing some rye. It definitely began with 'c' (pain de c..., and wasnt pain de campagne...) and was distinct for its very high hydration and open crumb.

Can anyone think of what this might be? Its really annoying me.


Thank you so much!

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Hi James,

Lumos blogged on this lovely bread: Pain de Lodeve, here

It's not native to Normandy, but it's certainly high hydration.

Best wishes


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I'm in Normandy right now, doing research just outside of Caen.  Could it possibly be Pavé Clémenceau or maybe Pain de Cherbourg?  Both are similar and seem to fit to your description. 

Though I just finished dinner, I seem to find myself hungry again...