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Hello form Prague

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Hello form Prague


i´ve been returning for this place for ideas for last two month, so i´ve meant, that registration is a good idea.

I´m  home bread baker  - I bake mostly half rye, caraway seeds, sourdough bread (best bread at world) and here i´m looking for inspiration for another, than typical czech bread.  


have nice day and healthy starter



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Welcome Zuzka,

I am certain that you will find a great many ideas here for a large variety of breads.  Happy Baking,


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All at Sea

... you've stumbled across a wonderful website!

Would love to learn more about your Czech bread - if you feel like showing us photos and the recipe for that caraway and rye sourdough you mention, that would be wonderful.

Happy recipe hunting!

All at Sea

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Welcome Zuzka, I hope you enjoy your visits here. My husband's family is from a town outside of Prague. I too would like to see pictures of your rye/caraway bread and know your recipe.


Enjoy your time here on The Fresh Loaf



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Hi, Zuska.

Welcome to TFL!

I just returned from Prague, as it happens. Wonderful city, but I didn't get to visit bakeries (other that Paul, which is really French). I have baked Czech breads from Daniel Leader's book, Local Breads, but would love to see your recipes.


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Welcome to TFL Zuzka,

My wife and I spent three days in your lovely city last year, enjoying it so much that we'll be returning next summer for an extended visit. Of all the cities we visited in Central Europe, Prague was by far our favourite for it's culture and history...not to mention the great food, but most of all the people. Looking forward to seeing your baking and participation on the site.

Best wishes,