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Fruit Pie's

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Fruit Pie's

I have been working on making pies. The crust is great and the fillings are coming out wonderful since I started using some tapoica as a thicking agent. My rustic pies came out very good and the bottoms were perfect. But, my pies in the pan were not so great. The bottoms were soggy. I know blind-baking them will help. Has anyone ever brushed the bottom with a simple syrup after blind baking for added insurance against the soggy crust?



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I've seen recipes that specify brushing the dough either with milk or beaten egg to "seal" the crust under a pie filling. I don't recall ever seeing simple syrup mentioned, but that's no proof it won't work! Something about it says to me it would not be very effective, but I don't know why I say that, other than it seems it would have properties that are exactly like the filling that is making the bottom crust soggy -- sugar suspended in water. The protein content of the milk or egg may be create a more effective barrier.

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I have had a couple of people now tell me to try the egg wash. When I blind bake after I take the pie weights out do I apply the wash and continue to bake? Or apply when I put the filling in?

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I sprinkle the bottom crust lightly ( before filling) with regular cornmeal or semolina and never have a soggy bottom

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poke holes in the bottom of the pie? if you do stop! or dont poke so deep. Maybe you are rolling your dough too thinly? if not what i would try doing is putting a parchment paper on the crust with some clay beads for baking. let it bake for about 10 minutes. let it cool add the filling and bake until golden brown. Experiment with it. like my man Bob Ross says "There are no mistakes just happy little accidents." :D  good luck 

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What is your pie dish made of? I think a metal dish gives a crisper bottom than eg glass, pottery or foil.

Did you bake your rustic pies on a metal sheet?