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Adding whole wheat to Italian loaves

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Adding whole wheat to Italian loaves

I'm a new baker and having a ball.  I want to add some whole wheat to my Italian loaves.  How much can I use without changing the recipe?


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Hi, when adding whole wheat just make sure to add 10-15% more water to the recipe depends on the % of WW you replace.

Here is an example: if the recipe calls for 100gr AP floue and 75gr of water and you want to use 75gr AP flour and 25 gr WW just make sure that 25% of the water are increaed by 10-15% which means 75gr x 0.25 x 1.10 (1.15).

But from one bake to another you'll just feel the dough and add water accordingly.

Hope that helps,

David Zonsheine

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If you don't want to change the flavor I wouldn't add more than 20% to your recipe.  Adding whole wheat will add a nice nutty flavor to your bread and make it have a richer flavor profile.  I suggest you experiment and try adding more and more until you decide on the flavor profile you are looking for.  Like David above says, you will need to add some additional liquid to have the same hydration level since WW absorbs more water.

I constantly experiment with different flours in my bakes and as you gain more experience you will know how much to add to get the desired results.

If you can get your hands on some sprouted whole wheat I would recommend you try some as it is very healthy and tasty to boot.

Good luck.