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the first day to create sourdough starter

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the first day to create sourdough starter

Today I'd prepared to create sourdough starter.

 A clean hot pasteurized bottle

20 g boiled water

10 g wholewheat flour.

Mix the wholewheat flour and water in the bottle and put the lid on.Place the bottle under shadow.I just want to do some experience,so I just used a bit of ammount.Now what I have to do is to wait.I hope to see bubbles created in the bottle some time later.


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Stir another 10g of wholewheat flour into your starter, so that you have 20g each of flour and water.  That way the flour and water will stay combined, instead of the flour sinking to the bottom of the jar as your picture shows.  It will also have enough body to trap bubbles and expand once the inhabitants start producing gases.  That will let you better gauge the degree of activity.  The present mix of 2 parts water to 1 part flour will allow bubbles to escape and that will get to be pretty frustrating for you as you try to compare your starter's behavior to what others describe with their thicker starters.

Have fun watching it develop and don't stress.  If the ambient temperature for the starter stays somewhere in the 70-85F range, you should have it bubbling away quite nicely in a week or so.


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Paul,Thank you for your suggestion. I just found out I had my first comment! You're my blog's first visitor! So happy!