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Hello from North Carolina

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Hello from North Carolina

Greetings from Raleigh, NC! 

I just found this site and am excited to learn from fellow bread enthusiasts.  I have been making bread for years.  The highlight of my bread making experience was when I took a weeklong bread bakers workshop at Johnson and Whales with Chef Harry Peemoeller.  

I love experimenting with new techniques and ingredients. 

Looking forward to enjoying The Fresh Loaf and learning from all of you.

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Welcome to our humble crew.

After years of reading this site, may I be so bold as to recommend the following: 

1.)  Always use the search function before you post your own questions.  There's a lot of knowledge there already.

2.)  We want to hear about your successes and failures.  We always want to know your recipe, whether it works for you or doesn't, but in the latter case we want to know what goes wrong.

3.)  Despite many years of baking, I'm always amazed at what I learn from the videos.  Check them out.

4.)  Maybe you already know this, but cookbooks are less interesting to some than are textbooks.  If you are well-versed already, from your course, go to Hamelman.  If you want a beginner's text, go to DiMuzio.



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Welcome CharlotteD!   I. too, live in Raleigh.