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First bake after hiatus

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First bake after hiatus

Hello to my friends on TFL,

It's been, I think, about 3 months since I've done any baking.  I have been lurking on TFL and seeing some of the amazing breads (and food!) posted here.   Excellent!   I've been on a bit of a hiatus due to a number of life issues.   It's been a roller-coaster for sure.   Not to be depressing but my mother passed away after a long decline.   We thought she was going to pull through but things went back downhill.   While I spent a month in the hospital at her side, I was also in the process of buying my first house in life.  I relocated from the bay area down to central California - the town of Atascadero to be specific.   I love this area, and some of my extended family live right around the corner, which is good.   The move has been a bittersweet event, but I am happy in my new place.  Still settling in.  My new kitchen is great though -- tons of countertop space, and a walk-in pantry that holds all of my large grain bins and flour bins easily, and a double-oven (!!).    What luxury!

Throughout all this time, my liquid sourdough starter has gone through some serious neglect/abuse, but amazingly, it is fine now.   Just as perky and happy as it ever was.

Here was today's first bake -- it was a 90% white, 10% whole-wheat, 68% hydration, lean bread, pretty standard stuff.  I did a mash+soaker+levain.   Sorry no crumb shot, it was given out and devoured quick.

A little under-proofed, but I am a little rusty.  The crumb is great -- I love how the mash softens the crumb and makes it perfectly chewy and soft.



One of the loaves went to my neighbor who wanted bread once she heard I baked.   Half of the other loaf went to my father.   I devoured the rest.   :)

My neighbor sent this picture to me a couple hrs later.   Warmed my heart.   One of her kids:  (I have permission to upload this).



I am happy to be baking again.   That smile is all I need.


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Triumphant return. Lovely loaves. Can you supply details. I'm curious about the mash+soaker part. Components of each?



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Nothing like getting into that kitchen and puttin all that lovin into the oven and baking some great things.  Remembering the care and love of your Mom while you create happy memories for all those around you - would make her proud! Fill that new home and pantry with MAGIC. God Bless.

Happy Baking.