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We have bread

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We have bread

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have given birth to two reasonably successful loaves of bread. I used Rose Beranbaum's 2 day basic sourdough recipe from TBB. I made one loaf with each of the starters. The doughs were made from:

  • 150 g. 50% starter
  • 150 g. water
  • 180 g. bread flour (my first experience with bread flour)
  • 6 g. salt

Her recipe calls for mixing all ingredients, kneading for 5 minutes and then autolyzing for 20 min. After this, 5 more minutes of kneading and then a 1 hour rise. Following the first rise, the dough is folded twice and allowed to rise for another 4 hours. Then the loaves are shaped, put in a bowl lined with a floured towel and given a final 4 hour rise. I floured the towels with both AP flour and corn starch. I had a lot of flour left on Thing 2, so I think I used too much.

Dough slashed and ready for baking. Thing 2 is on the left, Thing 1 on the right

Thing 2 and Thing 1 after baking

Each of the loaves weighed just under 1 pound.

Thing 1 Crumb                                                                                Thing 2 Crumb


The crumb looked pretty good to me, considering that I was using 2 new starters and bread flour for the first time. The tase was still pretty mild, but I expected that since the starters are young and I didn't do a long, cool rise. I tried to taste a difference in the flavor between the 2, but couldn't. The rest of the family devoured both loaves in about 45 minutes!

The biggest difference I noted was that Thing 1, the indoor starter did perform a bit larger and faster than Thing 2. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues over time. Now I just have to figure out how to justify keeping 2 more jars of starter.......


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I was on my way out and had to log back in just to comment on these little beauties. I am still wrestling with uneven results w/ my sourdough loaves, and find it immensely helpful to see what success looks like in her various guises. Particularly like seeing your prebaked dough, it looks a little tighter than mine usually does at that stage. Very helpful and an enviable pair of newborns!

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I have a very soft bristled 1 1/2"paint brush (used only for baking, not to worry!!) that I use to brush off excess flour after turning out of the brotforms before baking. Congratulations on such nice 1st loaves!

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Mini Oven

Great "Things" are happening! Congratulations!  Mini Oven

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You clearly tamed Thing 1 and 2

You clearly tamed them. Used a shoe?

I bet you folded and tended

Kneaded and patted

And when you baked they evenly hatted

Unlike Browndog's mischievious two

Who went their own way and refused to be bend....ed.



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for all the kind comments.  :-)

Paddyscake, thanks for the info about the brush....I have 2 small paint brushes that I use for basting, and it never occurred to me to get another one for dusting flour.  It will go great with my putty knife bench scrapers!

Bluezebra, I love your Dr. Seuss rhyme!  I've tried to come up with something for a follow-up, but everything I think of sounds like a limerick!

Both Things are having a vacation in the refrigerator to see if I can get more sour bread the next time I bake with them.

Now I need to get back to paying some attention to Boris and Natasha my other 2 starters.  I think they are starting to feel neglected. 

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Your breads look great! Congratulations!