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Pastry Sheeter

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Pastry Sheeter

Does anyone here have experience with a sheeter. What reduction steps do you take for a croissant dough or puff pastry.


Is 3mm each pass too much? eg 21 18 15 12 9 6


Do you have to rest the dough longer in the fridge using a sheeter compared to hand rolling?


Do croissant doughs need to be less developed before going through a sheeter


Is it better to have a higher hydration dough? 55%-60%


Any help would be greatly appreciated


many thanks



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Hi Ryan,

You may find that you don't really need to adjust your formula and process too much from what you already have- I find The same dough properties that lend themselves to hand laminating ( for me that means a relatively stiff dough- around 55% hydration but with good extensibilty) are going to cross over to a sheeter very well. You may also find that the dough doesn't need to be chilled so much between folds and some bakers do all the folds in one go! 3mm per pass sounds like a good place to start but you may be able to increase that if your dough takes it well (if you see tearing you might be  sheeting to much in one pass). Hope that was helpful!



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Thank you very much Jud,

Im going to experiment over the weekend. Right now im trying a 60% hydation, one full water and one half milk half water. I think my first problems with the sheeter was i was going way too low on the hydration, 50% !! with a 12% protein flour, big mistake!!


The 60% is probably a little too wet so Ill go with what your mentioned, around 55%


Thanks very much for the reply and ill post some photos when i sort it out.


Many thanks