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Bagel and gluten development question

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Bagel and gluten development question

I've been perfecting some bagel recipes, but I'm curious about one thing.  Should I try to develop my bagel dough to a windowpane or do I not want that if I want a denser bagel?

Thanks for any input!


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Bagels are supposed to be dense and chewy.  You want the dough to be strong, so I wouldn't worry about pulling a windowpane.

For me personally, I find bagels are the easiest of all breads to make.  The formula I use involves mixing at first speed for three minutes, then at second speed for six minutes.  That's it.  Bulk ferment for an hour, shape (I use the log method), then into the refrigerator overnight.  The slow overnight fermentation will give you a nice, chewy crumb.'s picture

That bagel looks perfect, what formula/ specific ingredients did you use?