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Rose Water-never used it-some questions

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Rose Water-never used it-some questions

I have recently acquired some rosewater and wanted to use it in a few recipes but I've never used it.  I have seen recipes that use it in small amounts but the rosewater I have seems so diluted with very little taste/smell. Are there different kinds? My smell-ability is not the greatest and I'm afraid I will overwhelm a recipe. I know it is supposed to be a more subtle flavorant.

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Mini Oven

Well, I've got several different kinds myself and have yet to bake with it.  Put a little on your forearm and walk around for a day.  If no one makes any comments, dump it into a recipe.  The concentrated is more like an oil and very strong.  Just opening the bottle gets comments.  :)  

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All at Sea

... listed here, in Wikipedia.  But no mention of it in bread, alas. Scones, yes, but not bread. Nothing stopping you from giving it a whirl - though I suspect your rosewater will be too subtle to shine through, perhaps?

I've only ever used rosewater to make Turkish Delight - where its delicate fragrance is shown off to perfection.

Makes a nice skin tonic, too!

All at Sea