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Hello from SoCal

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Hello from SoCal

I am new to this group.  I currently live in SoCal, but my heart and soul (or at least what is left after the share my family has) is always in New York.  I cook and I bake, sometimes a lot, and sometimes a little depending upon the demands of my life.  I had a breadmaker at one time, but really didn't think it added much, so when I moved to SoCal, I left it behind.  I particularly like replicating the baked goods and breads I grew up (Jewish, Eastern European) and am fortunate to have the many recipes of my father who was a great chef and baker, and whose repertoire included the things his mother made (from Latvia).

Recently, I have been working my way through  "My Bread" by Jim Lahey.  I am particularly enjoying the artisan no-knead breads I am doing, as they fit easily into my crazy life.  I recently purchased "Inside the Jewish Bakery" and look forward to working my way through  it, and using it to help me figure out some of my dad's hand-written recipes.

I look forward to learning from all of you!


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Welcome! Your baking journey ahead sound interesting. Look forward to see photos from you father's recipes.  What a heritage!