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Good Oven for 1000 Daily Loaves

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Good Oven for 1000 Daily Loaves

I am a part of an operation hoping to start up a bakery in Cleveland. Having done our preliminary research on equipment, the area, etc. we have begun choosing what machinery we'll be using. I was wondering if the fine people here would be able to answer a few questions I have about baking equipment:

1) What oven(s) would recommend for a bakery hoping to produce roughly 1000 loaves a day?

2) Would it be better to get one large oven/mixer etc. or multiple smaller ones? 

Please add any other advice you think may be of use. 


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Hi CleveBake, 

I think the professionals at the Bread Bakers Guild of America will be in a better position to assist you than TFL members, who are mostly amateur home bakers.

The BBGA link is:  and is an excellent organization to join.

Best wishes in your new venture!


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Hi CleveBake,

What type of bread are you baking?  For a nice European or Artisian style bread, an Empire Stone Hearth Deck Oven would be a perfect fit.  For pan breads you may want to look at an Empire Rack Oven. Below are a couple of links to information on both:

Deck Ovens:
Rack Ovens:

There's also a video on our MiniTube Deck Oven here:

Some other things you may want to consider as well - how much space is available?  What utilities are in place?  Will you be baking any products besides bread? 

If we can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Alan Crosley
Empire Bakery Equipment
800-878-4070 xt156