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Instagram bread hashtag

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Instagram bread hashtag


I'm not sure how many of you bread bakers use instagram but I know that I often take pictures of the bread making process or my final loaves and post them on my instagram. Myself and a few other bread bakers I know have started using the hashtag #breadlife when we post those photos so that we can click on the hashtag and see all the bread that everyone is baking.


I'd love to see what all you fresh loaf forum goers are up to in the kitchen, next time you post a picture on instagram add the hashtag #breadlife (because social media is more fun when its mostly about bread)




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Great, I'll be using #breadlife as well.  Thanks for recommending the hash tag.

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If I may add a request; when you post you picts or even when posting/answering a question, please mention if you use an electric oven or gas oven and which you prefer.

I looked through TFL site and read a few articles about the different temp and all.  However, I coluld not find a poll nor was I able to create one that list peoples preference.

It's just one of those things that gnaw at me and I have a need to know.

Personally, I prefer an electric oven as I can keep the temperature steady which I can't with the gas  oven I use now.  I do plan to replace it in the future with an electric one.

Now that I am thinking about it, I may ask this question again as a new thread just to keep things organized.



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A new hashtag to add to my arsenal!