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welcome another newb from SoCal

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welcome another newb from SoCal

hi everyone i joined this forum to learn to make bread. I have a bread maker and would like to start using it, and if it all turns out how I want it to I would love to move away from the bread maker and start using my oven.

I will be making bread for my self and my family

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Hello Bigluelok, and welcome to TFL! This is a wonderful group (as I'm sure you quickly realized, hence joining), and a terrific place to learn, exchange ideas, etc., etc.

I started out just as you are, with a bread machine (and in SoCal, come to mention it, though not any more.) Pretty soon I found I was using the machine on the dough cycle most of the time, and then baking the loaves in the oven. It isn't that hard at all, and offers a lot of freedom -- you don't have to stay glued to a "formula" so that things will turn out OK in the bread machine's baking cycle. This last Christmas my husband bought the family a wonderful stand mixer and I quickly realized that there was an entirely new level of fun (and learning) to be had in that arena. Hand kneading and the stretch and fold method are also wonderful methods to explore. This is a hobby (or a profession) that goes on and on, and there is always SO much more to learn.

But the bread machine... They are neat, aren't they? Make sure you check out the message boards directly related to them (though again, you've probably already been there.) You probably already know that the King Arthur Flour website has a lot of wonderful recipes and support for bread machine users.

And again, a warm welcome!