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TFL pages not loading with Firefox?

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TFL pages not loading with Firefox?

Anyone else experiencing the intermittent issue of the pages not loading using the Firefox browser?

The TFL logo and the banner add will load across the top of the page, all else blank. Seems to be related to the ads(doubleclick,etc). Does not happen on other sites, and does not happen using IE.

Just started happening yesterday(or the day before), as I recall.


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I am using Firefox and not experiencing any problems.


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Running FF here as well..but I run adblock so maybe that's why I'm okay?

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Thanks guys. I don't know why I didn't think to check my other pc. It is not having these issues. Just remembered the Ad Aware anti spy program recentely updated. For some reason, I think it may be conflicting with something associated with FF. Guess I'll try disabling it for a bit to check it out.

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As a matter of fact, I have exactly opposite problem, and I'm pretty certain my IE gets stuck on ads.

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Yep. Uninstalled Ad Aware and the issue went away. Now using Malware Bytes instead of AA.

I really think the issue was when AA last recently updated, it loaded the entire anti virus program instead of just the anti spy. Naturally this was probably conflicting with my other anti virus program and/or FF, for whatever reason.