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Current Bun Recipes for Peter Rabbit Fan

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Current Bun Recipes for Peter Rabbit Fan

Hi Everyone,

     My 3.5 year old daughter loves Peter Rabbit to such an extent that she calls pretty much any bread shaped like a roll a 'current bun'. In the story, Mrs. Rabbit goes to the bakery and buys four current buns, one for each of her baby rabbits. Does anyone have or know of a recipe for current buns that are soft and slightly sweet and made with yeast (i.e. no starter required)? I have several of the Linda Collister books (Ultimate Bread and Baking, Country Breads of the World). While there are a few recipes that I have tried in there, they all seem to turn out sort of chewy/tough (from a toddler's perspective) and then I end up dissecting the crust from crumb so my daughter doesn't have to gnaw on them like a dog. Otherwise, I have hollow bread roll shells with their "guts" removed creatively stashed around my house. Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated. Thank you all for your time!

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Mini Oven

and forget the "cross" brushing just milk on the buns before baking.   Baby bunnies are heavily associated with spring  and that's when currents are popular in Easter recipes.   What about scones?

And what about making them extra small baking them in tiny baking dishes?  Stashed crusts?  Time to make bread pudding for variety!  :)