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Some commercial bread baking advice

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Some commercial bread baking advice

Hi there, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to pick some of your brains in regards to setting up bread baking in a commercial environment. I'm looking to create the bread as simply as possible in an 'artisan' coffee shop environment.

The method I'm looking to do is to batch proof large quantities of high hydration dough with low yeast percentages at room temperature over a 12-14 hour period. I'll be aiming to handle the dough as little as possible and instead aiming for intermittent stretching and folding at 30-45 minute intervals before bulk proofing, shaping and final rising. Hopefully I'll be baking in loaf tins or be creating free standing loaves to be baked in either a stone floored convection oven (using fitted quarry tiles instead of oven racks) with a good steam function or a deck oven.

So the next question is, where can I source either combi-ovens or deck ovens, plastic food safe proving boxes and large square loaf tins (1.5kg and up) for a commercial environment in England? I live in the north of England, in Newcastle.

The initial output will probably be only 10kgs worth of loaves, as well as small sweet breads such as brioche and pastries and flat breads.

Many thanks for reading.

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Bakerybits has the loafpans and are very good at delivering etc. I think they have plastic boxes. We bought ours (here in Malaysia) from Ikea. Cannot help with Ovens .



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I bought a secondhand convection steam oven of ebay, very happy with that and I am now producing great crusty bread. I would be interested to find proving baskets at wholesale prices as I think they are expensive for what they are. Where do commercial bakers buy their stuff?



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Thanks, but the loaf tins and range aren't extensive enough :)

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Nisbets are worth a look. They carry a huge range of stuff.


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I'll make sure I check them out.