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New to baking bread and have an issue

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New to baking bread and have an issue

So I have been baking bread for little over 6 months and I keep having one issue that is keeping my bread from being great.  No matter how I bake it, length, container, etc the inside of the bread always seems to be moist, can't get it fluffy and dry.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it the water I am using, flour, what?


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We are going to need your recipe, your method and your oven details. From what you gave us I would say that you have lousy karma.

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Without seeing the recipe, this sounds like you're not baking your bread long enough and/or at a temperature that's too low.

If you post more details, we'll be able to help:)


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I used to have the same problem until I learned to stick a quick read thermometer into the bread to make sure it was 205-210F in the middle.  I just use the kind that are less than $5 at the grocery store.  I also use it for chicken and other things I want to make sure are done.  It also helps me get milk the right temp for cheese making.  It is out and washed so often it "lives" in the dish drainer.  It hardly ever makes it to the drawer.  I used to use the thump test but it's not always reliable.

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Just a thought regarding not fluffy, and too moist. It might be caused by under proofing, which could also lengthen your bake time. The oven temperatures are often not what they indicate. An oven thermometer would help eliminate that concern. I can preheat my oven long after it has beeped that it is ready, and the oven thermometer I have placed inside, shows it isn't even close.


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Ingredience are as follows

bread flour/white and wheat




I use a cast iron skillet or some old tins loafs that I got from an older lady.


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How hot is your oven? And be sure you give your bread an hour or so to cool before cutting into it because it needs time after baking to continue drying.

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I oven is set to 450 F