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non stick proofing bowl?

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non stick proofing bowl?

I'm looking for a proofing bowl that is so non stick that i could just pour out the risen dough onto a floured surface with almost no handling effects. the normal method of spraying a glass bowl with oil isn't cutting it. any suggestions?

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Mini Oven

How about a proofing bucket?  

Keeping a new plastic container surface free from scratching with harsh sponges and abrasive cleansers will keep your plastic  non-stick.  Worn plastic tends to stick unless lightly oiled.  

A scraper helps remove the dough in one lump.  First run the scraper around the outside edge or just tip slowly, wherever it hangs, scrape quickly getting the dough to release before it stretches too far.   If the dough contains a high amount of rye and really sticky, drip a teaspoon or two of water around the edges first before using a wet scraper, then the dough will tend to not stick to the wet surface.

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It may stick, but this makes it work well...

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I 2nd the motion on the scraper. it makes short work of removing the dough from the proofer .. and is great to use on your work surface when you're kneading & shaping and for cutting portions for rolls. best tool in hte kitchen other than the dough whisk.