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Kettle Pizza - Learning Curve

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Kettle Pizza - Learning Curve

My wife got me the Kettle Pizza cooker for my BD (discussed in this thread here). This is the 18.5" model, MSRP $129.95. This is my first try. Not bad, but need to tweak techniques: the timing - how long to heat the stone for ideal crust; how to spin it around; when to yank parchment paper; ideal temp to start cooking, etc. The trick is to balance cooking the crust with the top. I missed it by that much on this go-round. 

I used parchment paper to ease the transfer off the peel. Hardwood added was maple - in abundant supply in my woodpile. (Tried it subsequently with cherry, and it was slower to burn, but reached a much higher temp. In fact, I left the top on after cooking batch #2, and 2 hours later the temp was 400F with the cherry wood.)

The crust was underdone. You can see the thing heats the Weber to 700 easily - took about 12 minutes once the hardwood started burning. Total cooking time was about 6 minutes. Using it again tonight and will report back. Very happy with this, and don't see why this can't be used for loaves of bread.

And call me parochial, but I like it that this is made by a guy about 15 miles from me (in MA). 

Crust was sourdough from KAF's website, minus the yeast. I also did not use the starter straight from the fridge; instead I refreshed it to make a cup, let it ferment 8 hours, made the recipe, and it rose just fine in about 2 hours.



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I have the same product and I love it.  My crust comes out as good as a wood burning oven so I have no complaints.  I've been meaning to make some pizza so now you have given me the push.

Nice post.  I have not made SD pizza yet so that's next.

Since the grill gets so hot you can try 00 flour which works great for authentic Napolitano style pizza.

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If I may ask, what is the target temperature seeking/recommended?  And how long did you heat your stone?  thanks!! 

tip: I keep sourdough crusts from 3-5 days in the fridge, and they develop amazing flavor by the long cool fermentation so you can easily go beyond a day or two if you get caught up and can't use. 

Look'in good...

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For pizza, the hotter the better.  My temperature gauge goes up to 700 degrees but I would guess you can go over 800 degrees F. easily.