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side splitting

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side splitting

Does anyone have a reason for batard side splitting? The sourdough was mixed (20% pre-fermented flour), bulk proofed elevated temp (80F) for 2.5 hours, then put in cooler for 12 hours, shaped cold, proofed normally, then baked. Both batards rose nicely but had a small split on the side.

Poor surface tension? Too much tension? Poor technique in general? Any insight would be great..thanks :)

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Hard to do a diagnosis with so little data, but if you put up a photo I am sure you will get lots of opinions.

Depending on the real temperature in the cooler it is over fermented as well.

Could also be a slightly shallow slash or perhaps you are baking in a convection oven?


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Mini Oven

 each other in the oven?

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I hesitate to ask this but......slashed before baking?

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Thanks all for the help! wasn't a huge blowout..just a slight split towards the end. Both were slashed as normal, then baked one at a time in a conventional oven on a stone with a lid. Thinking about it now, the lid may have actually brushed up against the side. I usually take photos but didn't this time. I'm going to bake again soon so I'll upload some photos if it hapens again. I really appreciate all the feedback!!

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My reaction was also that more slashing was needed, since it couldn't open in the slashed area it split the side.