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Hi All, from Beautiful Dorset, England

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Hi All, from Beautiful Dorset, England

Hi All,

Ive just joined (nothing like stating the obvious) and thought I should say hi. I live in beautiful Dorset, and have enjoyed cooking and messing about in the kitchen for most of my life. I was lucky to have a fantastic cook in my Grandmother who I think inspired me and although long gone to the great kitchen in the sky, she still inspires me every day when I am slaving over a hot stove or trying to think of what to cook next. I have a passion for fresh ingredients and despise large supermarkets. I am lucky to have a fantastic butcher and many local farms to buy yummy fresh local produce and have also been known to grow my own in my very unruly garden.

For most of my working life I was fortunate to travel the world and live in many wonderful places and along with that I also tried some very wonderful and different cuisines along with some very weird ones that I will not be trying again!

I love to bake bread, make cakes, and cook just about anything. It doesn't always pan out as expected (pun intended) but i haven't killed anyone yet!
I believe to some extent "you are what you eat" and I sometimes seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time shopping, cooking and eating, (something my ex-wife could not understand) But hey that's what I enjoy. I also am passionate about herbs and spices and their uses both culinary and medicinal. I am a bit old fashioned when I buy meat and really enjoy old or rare breed meats.

Well that about it, I look forward to participating in the forum and learning as much as I can and trying out new recipes and ideas.

And as the novelist Kafka once said "As long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being" !!!


Here is a pic of first atttempt at a rustic Spanish loaf and Bread Pudding (for some reason I don't seem to be able to load a pic)



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Hello jsdorset,

I'm based in the north of England; there are quite a few UK people here at TFL.   But one of the joys of the community here is that it is worldwide based.

Here is a link to help you load photos:

I use flickr as a host and paste links into the html text.   I am sure Floyd will have offered clear guidance in his instructions.

Best wishes


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Hi jsdorset.

Welcome to the best bread forum going.

I myself am a little closer based in Surrey.

Would be interesting hear about the places you have traveled and lived..


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your welcome and the link on how to load photos, I will get to that later and try again with the photo.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your welcome, it certainly seems very informative.

I have been lucky enough to live in many places, The U.S. Australia, The Middle East, Bali, Thailand, Fiji, Belize, to name a few. Each have their great points and each had their challenges. My favourite would be Australia as I lived in far north Queensland which in my opinion is God's own country (next to Dorset lol) Part of my time their was spent living in a rainforest with some incredible species of wildlife, I hand fed the "dangerous" wild Cassowary and its chicks, saw Tree Kangaroos, fed Possums, and of course the normal Kangaro's and Wallabies (kangaroo is a great meat to eat) had a couple of encounters with crocodiles, once when I was scuba diving!! I had a river going through the property with Platypus that I saw on a daily basis and of course the more dangerous creatures like deadly snakes and red back spiders. I was once chased by a poisonous brown snake and spent the night in a tent with a red back spider. I lived to tell the tale though!! I am back in England due to elderly parents ill health and will return there one day.

Do you have a simple recipe for sourdough bread with all instructions? as I have a starter that's 3 days old and is starting to come to life and I have searched the forums for a recipe but have been confused by choice!! I an not a complete novice baker and normally bake the rustic Spanish loaf as made by "The Hairy Bikers" which is a great loaf and I really enjoy eating it. But I have a longing for a real sourdough as I used to enjoy in San Francisco when I lived there.



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Wow, along with being well traveled it sounds as if you have experienced many challenging moments. Thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself. I once dreamt of going to Fiji, what was it like there?

A recipe for sourdough? Sorry I'm not the right person to ask. Although I use sourdough mine is very specific and used mainly for making Italian sweet breads/cakes, like panettone, colomba and pandoro.

Please have a look at my blog@tfl.

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Michael, just had a look at your blog, wow great looking panettone, I bet it tasted great as well. I would like to try baking that one day. I also saw the sourdough you made, that looked great as well. You are obviously very skilled. I will try posting and asking all if anyone can help with an easy recipe to start with for sourdough.

Fiji is beautiful, place and people, I prefer the outer lying islands as they really are straight out of Robinson Crusoe and my love of the ocean is well placed there as the scuba diving, sailling and surfing are really world class. I did try the kava there as well it is a drink that is suppssed to be a mild narcotic that is made from a root and drunk in kava ceromonies but the locals seem to drink it at any timefor any reason, but to me it tasted lke dish water!!