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All Trumps in Omaha!!!

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All Trumps in Omaha!!!

I just discovered you can buy All Trumps flour in Omaha from Omaha Bakery Supply for $17.50/50 lb bag!!  Contact info below:

Omaha Bakery Supply

4224 South 133rd Street



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Postal Grunt

Congratulations on your find. Unfortunately, their website is under construction at the present so I can't find out what other goodies they may be carrying. OTOH, I could justify the trip from the KC area for a look see if I stopped by "La Casa" for pizza and stocked up on some of Stoysich's sausage while I was there.

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I just went there today to pick up some flour.  You can call them and they'll tell you what they've got.  It is a sort of warehouse that has flour stacked on pallets and other various baking equipment on metal shelves.  The woman who owns it is friendly and helpful.  They carry General Mills products, pastry flour, cake flour, high gluten flour, OOO Rye flour, Harvest King (I think she said that was for artisan breads), a wheat and flax blend, SAF yeast ($4/block-shaped bag), malt powder ($5/lb), carmel coloring.  Regarding carmel coloring, she mentioned to me that if you read the label of Kitchen Bouquet (gravy additive), the label says "carmel coloring."  I wonder if that could be used instead?


Hope that helps!

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Their prices and selection are very good, but you need to be able to use/store large amounts.  Most of their bags are 50lbs.  They also carry various other bakery supplies like loaf pans, industrial mixers, kneading boards, frostings, fillings, novelty decorations, etc., etc. 

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All Trumps comes in at least two different formulations. From what I understand, the bromated version is much more common, except for out west, where it may be illegal(California). Check the ingredients. carries the unbleached, unbromated version.