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Hello from Empire Bakery Equipment

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Hello from Empire Bakery Equipment

I just joined the forum on the recommendation of several other members.  My name is Bill Lawson and I am the Installation Supervisor for Empire Bakery Equipment.  I install almost all of the Empire Minitube/vapor tube ovens and rack ovens across the US and Canada.    I have been in the business for 27 years.  My primary goal here is to learn more about the bread making process as it relates to ovens to assist our customers when adapting their recipes to a new oven.  If anybody has any questions that I might be able to help them with regarding ovens based on my experience please let me know.  I am very familiar with rack/revolving/deck ovens.

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I have some specific questions actually. I'm looking for specs for commercial ovens to see if I can find out exactly how much steam and pressure is shot into steam ovens and at what intervals etc. I feel like the best way to duplicate professional ovens at home would be to understand how the professional ones work. Do you know any model numbers etc that I may be able to look up manuals for.


Also, I know you deal with commercial ovens but I'm looking for a consumer level steam oven. I know they exist but Im having trouble finding an oven I can use at home that isnt commercial level. 

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Welcome, Bill.  Great to have you on TFL.   The Empire Minitube would be a very nice oven to own.  Need to convince the wife that we don't need a guest room, but need a small bakery.

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Hi Bill,

Great to have you aboard!  I think having an experienced industry representative on TFL is most welcome.

Lots of questions - but I'll wait till you've settled in awhile before letting go the barrage...,