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Is it ok to add more water, or flour to dough after it has already risen?

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Is it ok to add more water, or flour to dough after it has already risen?


I'm new to baking and after making some dough, I have a question.

When I was kneeding my dough, I felt I got it to a point where it was elastic enough, but after rising and punching it down it looked like it didn't contain enough water as it started to break.  So my question is, would it be ok to add more flour, or water in my case, after the dough has already risen and then kneed and let rise again?  What would be the consequences of doing this?



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Just wet your hands to handle the dough and use minimal amounts of flour while shaping and remember or write what you did this time and make corrections next time. The difference between a good batch of bread and a great batch is about two or  three days. Bread is much like sex. It can be pretty good or it can be great but it is never awful.

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Hello giyad,
Here is a link to a post on troubleshooting dough hydration, on Farine-MC's website:

There is some video and discussion of adding extra water at the end of bulk fermentation.
:^) breadsong

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Thanks guys, and I confirm that adding water to my dough after it had already risen was not a problem.  I punched it down, added some water and then kneeded until it was more elastic, then let it rise again for an hour.  Worked like a charm and the bread was good.