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Books or Reading that deals with preferments

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Books or Reading that deals with preferments

Hey all,


I'm looking for suggestions on reading materials that deals specifically with preferments. The benefits of each, flavor profiles, contributions to texture, color and shelf life etc. THANKS

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sounds like you need something pro.....never came across a book that dealt with ALL those requirements.

and I have quite a few.....flavor profiles, contributions to texture, color and shelf life are things that I discover myself when I bake and test.

I find daniel leaders books quite in depth but not THAT much....will follow this thread.....

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definitely am.

I think its interesting how common all these techniques are and how little the true details are really discussed and talked about. It has to have been qualified somewhere. 

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"Local Breads" by Dan Leader and of course Hamelman's "Bread". 

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thomaschacon (not verified)

DiMuzio, Bread Baking, An Artisan's Perspective, p. 68-69, 243, 181-182 (usage of), 183 (selection).

Hamelman, Bread, p. 18, 29, 94-95. (If you don't already own this, wait for the 2nd edition coming later this year).

Reinhart, The Bread Baker's Apprentice, p. 51-54, 64, 104-107.

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Also, some of the SFBI newsletters have good information on pre-ferments.

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These are terrific links to material that is both complete and well written (perhaps because I agree with it). A great bit of history too.

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I agree with Doc.Dough - Henry, thanks so much for posting these links!
:^) breadsong

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Didier came so close to answering all of my question! He was like teatering on the brink of profound detail and then never followed through even though he proved he knows the information. What a tease! I feel used. Great links though thank you!

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kallisto (not verified)

thank you henryruczynski,

the article was amazing! I'm gonna save this article in a pdf right away.

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Just to follow up. I've been reading through the SFBI Newsletters and they are really well written by individuals who truely understand bread baking. 

They go into a good amount depth on preferments in the dough strength pdf. Excellent reading if you haven't already checked it out.