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too much salt in sourdough..what should I do?

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too much salt in sourdough..what should I do?

I accidently added 3 times more salt (by volume) to the final dough than the orginal recipe proportions (russian rye bread from bread matters) . Will the extra salt kill all the bacteria? Should I proof the dough for a much longer period of time? Or should I add more flour and water to compensate?  I put the dough in a pan nearly two hours ago.

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First off, I would put the salty batch of dough in the refrigerator while deciding what to do.

Probably, what I would do would depend on the level of salt we are managing. It may also depend on how familiar I am with the recipe and how much I like it.

If it is not a particularly salty recipe, you could make an equal amount of dough, with no salt, and combine the two batches. Then you would have only 1.5 times the amount of salt called for, but if the recipe falls on the low end of saltiness, you would have a relatively normal salt level.

On a similar note, you could make another double batch of dough, without salt, combine with the salty dough to end up with the correct amount of salt.

Finally, you might just consider keeping it refrigerated or frozen, and use as "old dough" in other recipes, keeping in mind the salt it will contribute to any recipe.

Just some ideas. Good luck.

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Just add water and make sourdough pancakes ... Yum!

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First off TASTE it. Then follow the advise given.

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Mini Oven

I normally put about 1.8% into a high rye.  Do not refrigerate until you decide what to do.  Rye does not retard well (brick danger)  unless more steps and flour additions are in its future.  You can refrigerate if you now consider it a starter.