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I have recently been told to eat no wheat.  Easy to say.  I'm not a cook.  I would like to eat sandwiches (bagels, english muffins).  Where can I find a 'wheat-free' bread recipe?  I've read about flax seed and a few other wheat-free flours.  Is there a conversion chart?  I've also read that one shouldn't expect wheat flour consistency in the dough or the finished product.  I can deal with it.  Also, can any recipe be used in a bread machine or are they (bread machines) not a good idea?   It's a little exciting, thinking about baking my own bread.  If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate any info.

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If you have been told you cannot have wheat for medical reasons, you should have a consult with a registered dietician to educate you on what you can and cannot eat and how to adapt. The best source of online recipes for people avoiding wheat are the Celiac or Gluten Free support sites. There is a lot of misinformation out there about grains you can and cannot eat so make sure you get accurate information.