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Semolina sourdough

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Semolina sourdough

Made this today in my new Cajun dutch oven

120 g 100% hydration starter (fed night before)

202 g KAP202 semolina (fine)25 g rye25 g oat bran10 g salt300 warm waterMix all but SaltAutolyse 30 minKnead 10 min w/saltProof 2 hours room temp with stretch and folds at 30 and 60 minutesPre-shape, shape, and proof in refrigerator 2 hoursPreheat oven to 500f with Dutch oven insideTake loaf out during preheatBake 475F for 20 covered, 25 uncoveredNotes: this was very wet, 72% or so. Starter is so active it's proofing like IDY. Temp today is >85F. Had to put it in fridge to slow it down. Could have baked right out of fridge. It's delicious!


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thomaschacon (not verified)

Crust and crumb are ideal.

Very nice job!

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Nice bake...your crust and crumb look perfect.

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Love, love, love durum wheat, and your loaf looks wonderful!

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crumb when using semolina, with a nice thick blistered and well browned crust.  That is a nice loaf of bread!