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Challah with sour dough and baker's yeast

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Challah with sour dough and baker's yeast

I'd been meaning to make Challah for a long time but never found the courage. These breads always look so beautiful. Reading Carol Ungar's account of recovering her family's tradition, 'Grandma's Lost Challah, Found', I was inspired to have a go. I used a recipe from Maggie Glezer’s book, A Blessing of Bread, recited by TFL member Zolablue with photos from her own bake.

The bread turned out just fine, a little firm yet soft and tasted very nice. To keep complexity at minimum I opted for a three strand braid. Due to the sour dough, the bread kept pretty well until the next day. However, I sliced and froze most of what we didn't consume on the day of the bake. Lightly toasted, those slices were absolutely fabulous.



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Very nice looking Challah!

I have not made a sourdough version yet myself yet so I will have to give this one a go soon.


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That's an amazing looking braid.   Your first time?   Terrific.  -Varda

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is French toast in your future!  What nice bread.