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dial loose on electrolux dlx assistent- spring jumped into motor housing!

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dial loose on electrolux dlx assistent- spring jumped into motor housing!

so i made a huge batch of shortbread last week, flour got all over the place and looked like some got behind the timer dial.  

so i pulled the dial off and something popped off, bounced and jumped into the little hole that leads to the motor housing:( omg! panick! what did i just do to my beloved dlx?

the dial goes back on but stays loose and isn't flush anymore.

i think i'm mising a small piece of metal that lies in the dial to stay snuggly attached.

i flipped the mixer on its side thinking i could unscrew the bottom and retrieve the sprung piece but the screw head is one i've never seen before.....

i did a quick search but nothing came up regarding replacement dial or that darn little spring.  

the other thing i'm afraid of is that that loose spring may damage or impede the mixer?????

i've had my dlx for more nearly 2 years so its out of warranty.  ugh:(

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Even though it is no longer under warranty, you might still want to call the manufacturer to ask about the closest authorized repair center to you. If the manufacturer does not answer your questions, the authorized repair center might unless it is a situation where they have to go inside to be able to give you an answer.

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Call the repair center - 201-785-8840. They are always very helpful.

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thanks for the number!

i missed their open hours so i emailed them but will try calling tomorrow. 

still mad at myself,  hopefully it doesn't cost a bundle to fix:(