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Is is possible for starter to rise too fast?

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Is is possible for starter to rise too fast?

My indoor/outdoor starters that are my starter experiment finally started rising today, Day 7. (Details are here: )

I fed both at 4:30 this afternoon. By 6:30, Thing 1 (indoor) was already doubled and knocking on the jar lid begging to be allowed to roam about the kitchen freely. I know that the starters are still young and I probably don't have enough good lb's in there yet, but is this fast a rise an indication of a starter with a Type A personality or something evil lurking deep inside the jar?

I think I'm going to put it in a bigger jar tonight and lock the cupboard door so I don't have to sleep with one eye open!



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After 7 days, it probably is not something evil, since evil things have a hard time living in a healthy culture that has been going for a while and is fed regularly and kept at reasonable temperatures.

There are several factors that would have a significant effect on the rise time.

1) The feeding ratio. If I feed mine 1:2:2 (starter:flour:water by weight), it takes about 4 hours to double at 72F. However, it would take less time to double with a 1:1:1 feeding and more time to double with a 1:3:3 feeding.

2) Temperature. If the temperature is warmer up to about 85F, the rise will be much faster even for a few degrees warmer. However, then you need to feed it much more frequently. Going much above 85F begins to hurt the yeast, though.

3) Starter consistency. A dough-like consistency starter will rise a little faster in my experience than a batter consistency starter. A very wet starter may not rise very much, but instead will create a lot of foam and bubbles.


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What a delight you are to read! I love bread, but reading posts from bakers who have a great sense of humor really adds joy to the day.

Perhaps your 'thing 1' is just one of those fast rising stars, seeking it's 15 minutes of fame... If it follows the example of current stars it will soon be overcome by drugs and reckless living. I recommend you keep it locked up, away from the evil influences in the world at large.



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Or at least what passes for normal around here.

After Thing 1's initial frightening 2 hour rise, he has settled down to a more sedate 4 hour time frame to double. It is possible that since we were having warmer than typical weather that day(85 degrees), he just took a good stretch in the heat. (The things you don't think about when you begin your first starter in January!)

Bill, I appreciate your help, and both starters are being fed on a 1:2:2 ratio. I'm trying to increase them enough to bake a small loaf with each to taste test, and then I'm planning on switching to a 1:1:2 ratio to keep them at 50% hydration.

All seriousness aside, thanks for the input, Lee. Most people think my sense of humor is slightly strange and twisted. I grew up in a family that played lots of word and language games (conjugating nouns for fun, making up puns, etc) and I tend to forget that "normal" people don't do things like that! However, it may mean that you are as strange and twisted as I am......... : D

I also think that the thing that slowed Thing 1 down was the thought of having to do rehab with Britney......



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