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Granary Bread

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Granary Bread

I've been making Granary bread for awhile now in our bread maker but I have just run out of white flower so my question is if I make a 1kg loaf:

water 350ml

vegetablie oil 1.5 tbsp

lemon juice 4 tsp

granary bread 540g

white bread flower 60g

skimmed milk 2 tbsp

salt 2 tsp

brown soft sugar 2 tsp

yeast 2 tsp

can I still make the loaf with 600g of granay flower instead of the 540g or do I need to use the 60g of white flower,???

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AnnaInMD  apparently they feel you can substitute granary flour with all purpose or bread flour with a bit of whole wheat flour. Does your recipe call for 600 grams of flour and you only have 540 grams on hand ? In that case, I would use 60 grams of white flour.