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Ideas for Possible Apprenticeships?

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Hungry Apprentice

Ideas for Possible Apprenticeships?

Greetings all,

I am currently a college student at Hendrix College and have one more year until I graduate. While most of my friends are looking to transition into the corporate career track or graduate school, I have become increasingly more fascinated with bread baking and the whole process of making authentic artisan bread: I find the ability to take four simple ingredients and fashion them into a diverse array of tastes quite remarkable. Recently, I have been reading all the literature I can get my hands on in order to become more familiar with the process, as well as volunteering as often as possible for the night shift at a bakery near me. The more that I learn, the more I can see myself choosing baking as my life's work.
That being said, I am currently looking for a position in which I can really get some hands-on experience in the bakery business. Ideally, we could orchestrate a trial run during this summer or during a month in the winter, and then transition into a long-term apprenticeship once I graduate next May. I am willing to do any and all of the grunt work that needs to be done around the bakery, as long as I can be immersed in the process and really get some insight into perfecting the craft. At this point in time, my only bargaining chip is my youth and willingness to learn, so I am hoping that the prospect of free labor will sweeten the deal. If anyone happens to know of any opportunities that may be available, please let me know. Location isn't too much of an issue, as I will happily travel to wherever I am wanted.

Thank you so much for any considerations and input.


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has a bakery where they have a few very highly competitive and coveted "externships" - there you will learn from the best.

They are undergoing some expansion and you may have a better chance because of this.  Also you have volunteered and presumably worked night shift - not many people will do this.

One story tells of someone who started out as a delivery driver and became a baker.  It can happen.

Since you are young, you stand a better chance of competing for this than us oldsters.

You may wish to contact them directly and make your case.  Might be futile, might not be.

Also, the Bread Bakers Guild of America (you must join for this....) sometimes has postings for job openings and interns.  Sometimes.  If you are really passionate about the craft, the educational opportunities they offer might be worth the fee to join. Or not.  But you can look at the public areas of their website at and decide for yourself.

Good luck!