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I am doing something wrong, can't figure it out

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I am doing something wrong, can't figure it out



I am a new user of a bread maker, it started off with 2 weeks of good french bread on the table. Suddenly something went wrong and I could not bake a godd french bread in over a week. I tried different brand yeasts, different flour brands without any luck.

Here are the steps I did in order to make french bread.

1. got yeast from the refrigerator, measured 1 tbs, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes to warm up.

2. pour water, oil, flour and yeast, salt  in to the bread maker.

3. start the bread maker and wait about 3 hrs.


Here is the bread that came out every day for a week.


What am I doing wrong?


Appreciate any help.

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Probably, mainly an issue of too much yeast, hence, over proofing for the conditions involved(temperature, bake cycle, etc). Double check the recipe to insure the amount of yeast(and all other ingredients) you are using is correct.

Things to try(some, among possibly others):

1. Reduce the amount of yeast. Start by cutting the yeast amount in half. or

2. If possible, observe the process, manually determine when the loaf is fully proofed and ready to bake, then manually set the machine to bake immediately.

3. Reprogram the machine to proof for the appropriate amount of time, if possible.

4. Try other recipes. Suggest starting at .

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Mini Oven

one teaspoon perhaps?    3 tsp = 1 tbs

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Correct, it was a typo on my end I used 1 tsp as stated by 'Mini Oven'.

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The amount of yeast, water, etc. and in which order you should put ingredients in are different from a machine to machine, so you should really refer to the instruction book that came with the machine you have.  I have Panasonic machine which uses much smaller amount of yeast and needs longer time to bake than other brands' machines, and you also need to put ingredients in totally different order from other brands' machines, too. If you lost the instruction booklet, you can usually download at the manufacturer's website or ask their customer desk to send you one. 

However,  if you were able to bake good bread for 2 weeks then it suddenly started going wrong after that, I suspect there's some technical fault in the machine, not ingredients. (unless you switched from Instant Active dry yeast/Easy-bake yeast to Active dry yeast or started using flour with much weaker gluten after the initial 2 weeks)